just be.

The only meeting space in the Des Moines metro for youth and beyond to gather while also exploring special aspects of human awareness. We invite you to come explore!

meet. study. shop.

be. provides a cool, calm place to come meet, study, reserve meeting space, attend a program, sip, snack, shop and so much more.


Our vibe can’t be matched! Check out our space and room reservation options. And yes – we have wi-fi! And snacks. We’re here to take care of you.

Please note there is no outside food or drink allowed in our open space seating areas. If reserving a meeting space, feel free to bring in food and beverages of your choice – just be sure to clean up after or be. reserves the right to follow-up with a cleaning fee.

moon room.

This first-come, first-served free meeting space includes a foosball table and small seating area. Like the phases of our moon cycle, there are different phases for studying.

Check out our space

social justice room.

This space is where Patty spends her time tutoring students. Interested in a summer tutor? Contact Patty today! 

rainbow room.

This space for 10 includes a whiteboard, couch for lounging, two ring lights perfect for our YouTube and Tik Tok video-making extraordinaire’s, and the ability to bring in outside food and beverages. $15 p/hour or $25 for two hours. Split this cost among friends!


Our team is super passionate about educating and providing support where our kids need it. Yes – we’re speaking to you! You can come here to study or check out our educational programs. Programming is updated on an ongoing basis. See below for what’s currently on the books! Join us if you can!

intro to creating mindfulness.

Coming Soon
Join us virtually and discover how you can change your thoughts to the positive and create a growth mindset. School is back in session – lets learn how to better navigate it and use the Mindset Tool Box we will provide to all!

intro to healing crystals, oracle cards and chakras.

Coming soon.
Join us virtually to learn how these tools can help quiet the chatter of the mind, teach patience, and so much more. You will also receive one of each and learn how to use them!

intro to spirit animals.

Coming soon.
Join us virtually to learn about spirit animals, identify your spirit animal, and learn how that animal guides you. You will also receive fun supporting props!


With our fearless leader here to guide you, we invite you to come explore our new age tools and explore ways to find that much needed balance in your life. Check out a sampling of our tools below.

featured collections.

Our featured collection sets are designed to inspire and relax. Order online and we will deliver right to your door! 

healing stones.

Healing stones have been used for centuries to fix ailments and to increase inner peace and prosperity.

moon cycles.

We should recognize the changes brought by the lunar cycle as a blessing and a strengthening influence, not a problem.

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