Remembering all the Iowans lost to COVID

We set out to collect a can for each death and to build a labyrinth for our reflection.

For all the family members we lost,

For all the Grace members we lost,

For all the Iowans we lost.

The goal was to collect a canned good for each life lost.  The 6,000+ cans would then be use to create a work of art – a labryinth that we could walk and reflect.  Finally, the canned goods would go to Bidwell Riverside to stock their food pantry.

collecting the cans


Labyrinths have been used by Christians for centuries as a means of spiritual meditation. However, Christians did not invent them. People of other faiths use them, or of no faith.  A labyrinth has one path.  It is unicursal, the way in is also the way out.  Take time in the layrinth to reflect and meditate.

walking the labyrinth


Grace United Methodist Church, Des Moines
Deb Miller and Iowa Reality

breaking down the labyrinth & loading up the cans for Bidwell Riverside

Bidwell Riverside Center