about us.

meet patty.

I’m so excited to be here with you. Working with youth has been my life. Even back to high school babysitting gigs! I knew I wanted to educate so pursued a teaching degree, taught elementary school while chasing my Masters in reading, and worked in a reading lab testing and tutoring kids. Then I raised my own three children! And that led me to field trips, the PTA, tutoring out of my home, the Des Moines School Board, Sylvan Learning Center, church youth groups, and more. I can’t get enough!

what i’ve learned.

Along this journey of educating our young minds, I’ve learned that kids are really good at activities. They are good at soccer, or basketball or swimming. They are good at taking tests or passing classes. They are good at music or singing. They are good at checking things off a list. But our youth take very little time to learn about themselves. Who they are. What their spiritual compass is. Our kids take very little time to step outside of their comfortable bubble to learn what makes them tick. To understand what to do when overcome with stress. How to handle that transition to college. How to ask about life’s transitions. And I have learned over the past three decades that our young minds are scared and uncertain about the road in front of them.

why I care.

I’ve been at the happy end of my emotional capacity but also at the very bottom. I know what it feels like to crawl when we should all be able to stand. That is my mission – to keep our youth on their feet.

Enter be. It was my dream to have a business where youth and the people who spend time with them can come explore things such as spirituality, social justice, and other topics that help them focus their energy in a positive manner. And now that dream is a reality.

going places.

My church youth group (6th – 12th grade) got me moving all around. Personally, I can claim past homes in Dyersville, Burlington, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Des Moines. I’ve spent time in Aruba, Australia, Italy, Greece, England and more. Life’s journeys keep me on my toes and fuel my passion for educating and supporting others. I want to see all our youth take off and experience what they are most passionate about. I hope their experience with us here helps them see all that is possible when you focus and find a good balance.

who we serve.

For students and those supporting the well-being of our youth, be. provides an awesome relaxation space for individuals to meet, gather, sip, snack, study, learn, shop or simply unwind in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. We are the only meeting space in the Des Moines metro for youth and beyond to gather while also exploring the special aspects of human awareness. We invite you to head on in and see our space for yourself!


You are busier than at any other time in history with school and activities. You’re organized to death and rarely have time to just “be”, let alone figure out how to create a balance that best serves you; how to operate at a higher level; how to live more clearly. We get it! And we’ve got you.

Come hang with our crew and find your own space here with us. Patty, the awesome owner, recognized the need for a place to come relax and be yourself. And that’s exactly what you can find at be. A space to come study over a snack and beverage, or a place to hang out with friends and collaborate on a project. be. welcomes all and is passionate about helping anyone that walks through our door find balance in their life.

Don’t feel like studying? We have plenty of games to pass the time. Or check out our collection of spiritual and new-age stones. Not sure what that is? Ask us! We’ll share more about Chakra Centers and how our unique collection of stones can help improve your mental and physical well-being through spiritual open-mindedness.

educators & parents.

Helping to positively influence well-being through an educational journey is a big part of what we are looking to accomplish here at be. Whether this is through offering up space for those looking to educate or be educated, or through the spiritual and new-age tools we believe help inspire life’s journey to a better you, we are open-minded and dedicated to the pursuit of happiness. We cater to today’s youth, but also seek inspiration – and offer it – to those of you living life every day. 

And by educators, we also mean parents! We are passionate about education. And your kiddos. We understand they are ready to break free – just a little – but also recognize they still need your guidance and support. At be. we simply offer a safe place for them to gather. A place that isn’t their home, school, or library, yet still affords a secure environment that presents a feeling of independence – and even a little of that cool-factor.  

Learn more about our programming and reach out to us at any time to learn more about our space and all we offer!